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I was born in 1980 in Stuttgart as the son of a Czech musician Katerina Zlatnikova.

Even as a child, I felt somehow caught between worlds. Southern German thoroughness collided with the creative chaos of my family. Käsespätzle met Knedlíky.

Perhaps that's why I developed an early fascination for exploring strange new worlds. With awe, I embarked on a cinematic odyssey into space or followed Bastian Balthasar Bux to Fantasia. And in the reeds by the lake on the edge of our high-rise settlement, we searched for monsters with a Hi8 camera.


Entering film school was a dream come true for me and, at the same time, the only plan I had ever made for my future. I enjoyed the exchange with like-minded individuals, yet often took unconventional paths with my love for fantastic and dystopian narratives.


As the program director of the GENRENALE Film Festival in Berlin, I aimed to contribute to the discovery of new German genre films.


Professionally, I still navigate between worlds today – as a director, screenwriter, and editor.

My passion for visual storytelling, music and rhythm and hidden worlds guides me. 


I live in Berlin with my family.

1980: Born as Krystof Zlatnik in Stuttgart, Germany.


1999: Graduated from Eberhard-Ludwigs-Gymnasium, Stuttgart.


2003-2009: Studied Feature Film Directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The third-year film Reverence and the diploma film Lys were awarded the Caligari Prize.


2007: Participated in the Hollywood Workshop at UCLA Extension in Los Angeles as part of the Baden-Württemberg Scholarship.

Since 2009: Freelance director, writer, and film editor, collaborating with ZDF Studios, UFA Fiction, Constantin Film, Disney Plus, Seven Pictures, Odeon Fiction, February Films (London), and Samsa Film (Luxembourg), among others.


Founding member of the New German Genre Film movement.


2013-2019: Program director of GENRENALE, Berlin.


Member of BVR and DDV.

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